Snow and weather

Sun? Fresh snow? Check the weather and snow cover conditions before taking your skipass!


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The avalanche risk bulletin allows you to know precisely the current state of the snowpack by massif. It also presents the evolutions of the latter. It is the essential tool to consult before setting off on the slopes. 

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In the mountains the weather changes quickly and can be specific to a small geographical area. The best way to get an accurate idea of the forecasts is to compare several meteors. Here are a few. 

Snow and off-piste skiing

Nivology… ouch! I can feel the headache coming! It is simply the term for the study of snow. But don't worry, we have selected a few videos for you that will give you the right reflexes before hitting the slopes and getting to know the snow well is one of them! You'd better watch an avalanche on your sofa, the proof. 

"Bon appétit ski" advises to be safe

What do you put in your bag besides the genepi?
How do we prepare for an off-track exit? 
Understand your friends and choose your route 
Security in a snowpark