Are you a student? Do you want to take ski/snowboard lessons? Have access to lots of good deals to enjoy the snow? U-Glisse is the university structure that allows you to discover or perfect yourself in sliding sports in a fun and relaxed atmosphere

For who ?

For students

Condition pour profiter de tous les avantages U-Glisse : être en possession d’une carte étudiante...valide, et être né(e) après le 1/1/1991.

From around the world

Whether you study in Grenoble, Paris or Zimbabwe, you can have access to everything U-Glisse offers

Why ?

Learn (skiing or snowboarding)

U-Glisse is the university structure that makes sliding sports accessible. you will be able to learn or improve yout level thanks to the course module available. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a fan of snowpark, groomed slopes or virgin slopes, U-Glisse has the module made for you !


With U-Slide, forget boring school lessons. Coaches are also students, specially trained by U-Glisse to teach you how to ride. You can count on them to progress with fun and safety. U-Glisse organizes regular evenings. As you will have understood, it is also the opportunity to screw up and to make friends of ride.

Good deals

U-Glisse te fait profiter de tarifs exceptionnels sur les forfaits/skipass (au choix) dans nos stations partenaires. Pour y aller, plus besoin de se prendre la tête à trouver une voiture : on te propose aussi des navettes à prix bradé. S’il te manque du matos, notre magasin partenaire te réserve encore des bons plans. Et si tu as un petit creux, ta carte a encore la solution !

How ?

With the U-Glisse card

One card for many benefits! Discover how to get your U-Glisse card by clicking on the logo above.

2 formulas

Once your U-Glisse card is in your pocket, you have to choose your formula: take courses in "rated" formula or enjoy all the advantages slip in a "not rated" way. Click on the logo above to help you make your choice.

Where ?

At the university pool

Permanences du lundi au vendredi de 13h à 14h et de 17h à 18h.

!! CONFINEMENT : fermé jusqu’à nouvel ordre!!

Fermé vacances universitaires Grenoble

A Minatec 

Permanences, Friday from 12.30pm to 1.30pm, in the South foyer 1st floor.

!! CONFINEMENT : fermé jusqu’à nouvel ordre!!